Dogs With Beards

With their signature scruffy muzzle beards and brows, Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzers rock some serious facial hair.


Many spaniels like English Cockers, English Springers and Welsh Springers boast luscious beards befitting their breed group name.


Chinese cresteds have wispy beards on their otherwise hairless fronts, lending them a distinguished, quirky look. 

Chinese Crested

Shaggy-haired Polish Lowland Sheepdogs have long, eye-catching beards covering their broad smiles.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog  

Old English Sheepdogs' shaggy face fur forms endearing beards suiting their gentle, "shaggy dog" nature.

Old English Sheepdog

Giant Irish Wolfhounds have thick facial hair complementing their imposing, powerful appearances.

Irish Wolfhound

The "monkey dog" Affenpinscher sports a neat beard and bushy brows framing their expressive faces. 


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