Dog Breeds With Big Popularity Gains

French bulldogs showed the biggest jump in popularity over the last decade thanks to their amusing personalities and adaptability

Frenchies Take Off

The energetic Australian shepherd has surged in popularity as an active companion dog great for canine sports.

Aussies On The Rise

Pugs have seen a big boost in popularity in recent years. Their cute wrinkled faces and comedic nature make them ideal family pets.

Pugs Gain Fans

The sweet Cavalier King Charles spaniel has become much more popular thanks to its suitability as a therapy and companion dog.

Cavalier Craze

Pomskies, a cross between Pomeranians and Siberian huskies, are riding high as one of the most popular new hybrid breeds. 

Pomsky Popularity

The striking Siberian husky has gained wider admiration and popularity as people discover their friendly nature despite their wolfish looks.

Huskies Have Fans

Other rapidly rising popular breeds include French bulldogs, corgis, Doberman pinschers, great Danes and Bernese mountain dogs.

More Adored Breeds

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