Dog Breeds That Often Have Striking Blue Eyes

Siberian Huskies often have bright blue eyes, occasionally one blue and one brown. Their eye color results from low melanin pigment.

Siberian Huskies

Intelligent Border Collies tend to have blue eyes, some bi-colored. The merle coat gene produces a marbled coat and blue eyes.  

Border Collies

Dachshunds with dapple coat patterns can have striking blue eyes. A double dapple coat increases chances of blue eyes.


 Known as "gray ghosts", Weimaraners have beautiful gray-blue coats and mesmerizing light blue eyes. 


Cardigan Welsh Corgis sometimes have one or two bright blue eyes. The merle gene variant produces their marbled coats and blue eyes.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Occasionally Great Danes will have vivid blue eyes, especially harlequin Danes with white coats and black patches. Their eyes stand out!

Great Danes

Pit Bulls with merle coloration often have amazing blue eyes. Blue is a recessive trait occasionally expressed in the breed.

Pit Bulls

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