Dog Breeds That Love to Play 

Few dogs love playtime more than the energetic, affectionate Lab. They are always up for games of fetch or tug.

Labrador Retriever 

Golden Retrievers are famously playful, goofy, and fun. They especially love playing fetch and catching frisbees.

Golden Retriever

Boxers are bounding bundles of energy that thrive on play. They love rowdy games and staying busy.


Dalmatians are very athletic, energetic, and playful. They love running, jogging, and interactive games.


Poodles are super smart and energetic. They especially enjoy active games, learning tricks, and water play.


Aussies are tireless players always ready for action. They love frisbees, agility, and interactive play.

Australian Shepherd 

Vizslas have an enthusiasm for life and love to play. They excel at games, fetch, and learning tricks.


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