Dog Breeds That Love Playing Games

Labs love playing fetch and other outdoor activities. Their enthusiasm makes them ideal exercise buddies.

Labrador Retriever

Smart, energetic Border Collies thrive when playing frisbee, agility courses, and other mentally and physically stimulating games.

Border Collie  

Goldens enjoy all sorts of playtime and make great companions for sports like dock diving and flyball. 

Golden Retriever

Springers were bred as hunting dogs. They excel at canine sports and adore games of fetch and frisbee.

English Springer Spaniel

Vizslas have lots of energy perfect for playing. They enjoy retrieving and learning tricks.  


Jack Russell Terriers have endless stamina and love running, chasing balls, and playing tug of war or catch.

Jack Russell Terrier

Shelties" are very bright and energetic. Agility courses and competitive games give them an outlet.

Shetland Sheepdog

Dog Breeds Well-Suited for Living in Hot Climates