Dog breeds that look like foxes

With pointy ears, curly tails, and fox-colored coats, it's easy to confuse Shibas with foxes.

Shiba Inus

Large and powerful, the Akita's thick coat, curled tail, and foxy face lead many to mistake them for foxes.

Akita Inus

Fluffy and feisty, Pomeranians resemble petite foxes, especially when their coat is red or orange.


Samoyeds' thick white coats, curly tails, and pointy ears make these dogs look just like white arctic foxes.


The Finnish Spitz's bushy tail, pointy muzzle, and foxy face cause many to confuse this breed with an actual fox.

Finnish Spitz  

Active and energetic, the Norwegian Buhund's thick coat and curled tail give them a very fox-like look.

Norwegian Buhunds

With their long fur and foxy faces, it's no wonder many people mistake Pekingese dogs for tiny foxes.


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