Dog Breeds That Grow the Most from Puppy to Adult

Great Danes are the tallest dogs and can grow from 30 lbs as a puppy to 175 lbs as an adult.

Great Dane

Saint Bernard puppies can weigh 20-25 lbs but grow up to 180 lbs. They experience rapid growth.

Saint Bernard  

Mastiff puppies typically weigh 5-15 lbs but adulthood can see them reach 230 lbs. Significant growth!


Newfoundland puppies weigh 10-15 lbs but hit 150 lbs in adulthood. They have the giant growth gene.


From 25 lbs as a pup, Great Pyrenees grow into 100-160 lb adults. Their growth rate is astronomical

Great Pyrenees

Irish Wolfhound puppies of 20-35 lbs end up 100-180 lbs fully grown. They have one of the greatest size differences. 

Irish Wolfhound

Bullmastiff puppies weigh 10-15 lbs but grow to 100-130 lbs as adults. Their growth is impressive.


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