Dog Breeds That Do Well With Cats

Labs are friendly, gentle, and trainable. With socialization, they get along well with household cats.

Labrador Retriever 

The happy, calm Cavalier King Charles Spaniel typically enjoys the companionship of cats when raised with them.

Cavalier King Charles

Golden Retrievers are patient and gentle, making them one of the top breeds to successfully live with cats.

Golden Retriever

The Papillon is energetic yet gentle with other pets. Their spaniel heritage helps them accept feline housemates.


Though pugs have high prey drive, they usually tolerate cohabiting with cats without issue, especially if socialized young.


Beagles are pack animals that get along with other pets. They peacefully share homes with cats when trained properly.


Sweet-natured Newfoundlands thrive in multicat households. Their gentle demeanor suits a home with cats.


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