Dog Breeds That Are Friendly With Cats

Poodles are smart, energetic, and generally do well with cats. They can be trained to be gentle and respectful around feline housemates.  


Beagles tend to be mellow and tolerant of cats. They are playful and get along well with other pets when properly socialized.


Golden Retrievers are friendly and gentle. They tend to get along beautifully with cats and enjoy engaging in play.

Golden Retriever

The lively Papillon enjoys engaging with cats in play. They are friendly and accepting of feline companions when socialized early.


The gentle, laid-back Cavalier King Charles Spaniel usually learns to accept and enjoy the company of cats. 

Cavalier King Charles 

Most pugs do very well with cats. They are charming, easygoing, and live harmoniously with feline housemates.


Labs are gentle, friendly, and get along well with cats. They can learn to play nicely and co-exist peacefully.

Labrador Retriever

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