Do Dogs Actually Hate Cats

Dogs don't inherently hate cats. With supervision and training, many dogs and cats learn to accept each other and even play.

Not Inherently

Some dogs do have a very strong prey drive toward cats due to their small size and quick movements. 

Strong Prey Drive

Dogs without early positive exposures to cats may view them as intruders on their territory, causing dislike or aggression.

Lack of Socialization

If a dog has been frightened or attacked by cats in the past, they may be scared and dislike cats as a result.


Dogs who are possessive of their owner's affection and attention may become jealous of cats and act out because of it.

Companion Rivalry  

Rambunctious, high energy dogs can overwhelm or annoy lower energy cats with their attempts to play and interact.

High Energy

Introducing dogs and cats slowly and rewarding calm interactions can lead to eventual friendship.

Proper Intros  

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