Do Cats Enjoy Kisses and Cuddles

Gentle kisses on the head and between the ears are welcomed by most cats when given by a trusted human. Start slow.

Head Kisses

Rubbing cheeks while delivering kisses can deposit your scent, making kitty feel bonded. Use caution around unknown cats.

Cheek Rubs

Slow blinking back at a cat mimics feline body language for affection. Coupled with kisses, it conveys love.

Slow Blinks  

Many cats love having their chins kissed and scratched. This is a scent gland that leaves your mark when stimulated.

Chin Scratches 

Contrary to belief, lots of cats enjoy being held, sitting on laps and cuddling up with their favorite humans. 


Loud purring during kisses shows your affection is being reciprocated. Take it slow if kitty seems tense or pulls away.


Biting, swatting or other aggression means kitty is overstimulated or uncomfortable. Respect their boundaries

Biting or Swatting

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