Cutest Cat Breeds Any Cat Lover Will Adore

Affectionate Ragdolls love being held. Their cute blue eyes and soft coat makes them an adorable breed.


With their fluffy fur and flat cute faces, Persian cats are super snuggly and appear stuffed animal-like.


Scottish Folds' sweet expression created by their folded ears makes them one of the cutest breeds.

Scottish Fold

Known for being vocal and playful, Siamese cats stay kitten-like their entire lives.


With their adorably shaggy coats and gentle personality, Maine Coon cats make great cuddly companions.

Maine Coon

Hairless Sphynx cats charm with their wrinkly skin and snake-like flexibility when curling up on laps.


The Devon Rex's big ears, eyes, and playful nature gives them a cute alien-like look.

Devon Rex

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