Concrete Evidence You're Toxic Together

Frequent fighting, breakups, and volatility are glaring red flags. Healthy relationships experience conflicts but toxic ones are defined by drama.

Constant Drama  

Partners spying on each other's devices and interrogations signal a broken trust. Toxic relationships bank on suspicion and jealousy.

Lack of Trust

If you constantly feel obligated and guilty about your partner's needs, it's a toxic trap. Healthy relationships empower freedom

Feeling Trapped

Demands to drop friends or activities for the relationship reflect unhealthy attachment. Toxic partners monopolize your life.


Lies, omissions, and mind games erode intimacy. Partners should feel safe being vulnerable in healthy relationships.


Constant belittling, sarcasm, and nitpicking hints at deeper issues. Toxic partners project and deflect their own flaws. 


Walking on eggshells to avoid a blowup signals toxicity. Healthy relationships make you feel secure, not anxious.


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