Complete Guide to the Collie

The Collie originated in Scotland and northern England in the 1800s as a herding dog. 


Collies have a long coat that can be smooth or rough. They come in sable, tri-color, blue merle and white.


Loyal, smart and eager to please. Collies are gentle, sensitive and excellent family dogs. They excel at herding, agility and obedience.


Collies are energetic and need 45-60 minutes of exercise daily plus mental stimulation. They love activities like agility

Exercise Needs

Daily brushing is essential, especially for rough-coated Collies. Bathe occasionally. Trim nails monthly. 

Grooming Tips

Intelligent and highly trainable. Use positive reinforcement. Collies need early socialization and firm, consistent leadership. 

Training Collies

Prone to eye issues and hip dysplasia. Lifespan is 12-14 years. Feed high-quality diet, provide preventative veterinary care

Health & Care

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