Choosing the Best Cat Treats

Assess your cat's health, age, activity level and preferences to find treats that fit their needs.

Cat's Needs  

Look for high-quality ingredients like real meat, fish or poultry as the first ingredient. Avoid artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. 

Check the Ingredients

Cats enjoy a variety of textures like crunchy kibble-style, soft chewy or freeze dried treats. Find ones your cat likes best.

Right Texture

Mix up flavors like chicken, salmon, tuna or catnip to keep things interesting. Flavor preferences can vary between cats.

Flavor Fun

For cats with allergies or sensitivities, single ingredient treats like freeze dried chicken or fish can be a good option.

Try Single Ingredient  

Check calorie counts and feeding guidelines. Adjust amounts based on your cat's weight and activity levels.

Read the Bag

Homemade single ingredient tuna or salmon treats are easy to make. Check recipes online for how to bake or dehydrate cat treats.

Make Your Own

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