Cheapest New Cars for 2024

With ample tech features and space, the Versa sedan is one of the cheapest brand new cars for 2024.

Nissan Versa - $14,980

The mini Spark hatchback offers a surprising amount of cargo room given its tiny footprint and low price.

Chevrolet Spark - $13,600  

While basic, the Mirage hatchback gets you from A to B at a rock-bottom new car price.

Mitsubishi Mirage - $14,645

With sharp styling and a great warranty, the Rio is among the most appealing budget new cars.

Kia Rio - $16,450

The Accent sedan has excellent value with its combination of price, fuel efficiency and warranties.

Hyundai Accent - $15,995  

The all-electric Leaf is among the most affordable EVs, though more costly than gas cars.

Nissan Leaf - $27,400

You can often find lightly used 1-3 year old versions of these models for even less.

Consider Used Too

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