Cat Breeds With Striking Black and White Coats

Originating in Turkey, the Turkish Van has a white coat with black markings on the head and tail.

Turkish Van

Named for their white and black markings resembling a tuxedo, these cats have black bodies and white paws, chests, and faces.

Tuxedo Cat

With black and white splotchy patches, Magpie cats look like their bird namesakes. No two have the same coat pattern.


Cap and saddle cats have black heads and tails with white bodies, resembling a cap and saddle placed on them. 

Cap and Saddle

Felix cats have bold black and white patterns due to high contrast between the colors. They look like Felix the Cat.

Felix Cat 

Sporting a black mask over their eyes and ears, Masked Fancy cats have primarily white coats with some black spotting.

Masked Fancy

Harlequin cats have white coats with large irregular black patches scattered across their bodies.


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