Cat Breeds That Originated in Russia

Known for their lush coats, Siberians are robust, friendly cats that thrive in cold climates. They originated in Siberia.


The Russian Blue is prized for its short, plush coat and distinctive green eyes. They are intelligent, playful cats. 

Russian Blue

Russian Whites have long, silky fur and love interacting with their owners. They are talkative and attentive companion cats.

Russian White

The Don Sphynx has a hairless body except for a soft downy coating. They love cuddling up with their families.

Don Sphynx 

Peterbalds can be hairless or have a wispy coat. They are affectionate, lively cats that thrive on human interaction.


The Nebelung has a long, silky coat and green or yellow-green eyes. They are playful, loyal pets.


Named for its stubby tail, the Kurilian Bobtail is a natural breed from Sakhalin Island with a friendly, social personality.

Kurilian Bobtail

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