Cat Breeds Known for Their Adorably Large Ears

Scottish Folds are known for their folded down ears. They have a calm, loyal personality and get along well with children.

Scottish Fold

The Selkirk Rex has a tightly curled coat and large, rounded ears. They have a playful, patient temperament.

Selkirk Rex

American Curls have uniquely curled back ears. They are intelligent, social, and enjoy being around their families. 

American Curl

With its large, wide-set ears, the Oriental breed has an elegant, refined appearance. They bond closely with their owners.


Devon Rex cats have oversized, prominent ears on a rounded head. Their curly coat and playful nature make them highly amusing pets.

Devon Rex

The curly-coated Cornish Rex has ears that are very large in proportion to their head. They thrive on human companionship.

Cornish Rex

The LaPerm's striking ears match its unique wavy coat. These friendly, social cats make devoted companions.


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