Cat Breeds Known for Adorably Huge Eyes

Ragdolls are prized for their bright blue eyes. Their affectionate nature matches their darling gaze.


Siamese cats are recognized by their large almond-shaped blue eyes. They are highly vocal and social.


Himalayans have round, deep blue eyes. They love snuggling in laps when they aren't exploring.


Persians have huge, expressive eyes that draw attention to their sweet, gentle faces. They make ideal companions.


British Shorthairs have big round copper or gold eyes. Behind their grumpy face is an affectionate personality.

British Shorthair

With their huge eyes and smooshed faces, Exotics are endearing and clownish. They thrive on human interaction.

Exotic Shorthair

Burmese cats are known for their yellow to gold eyes. They form close bonds and enjoy conversation.


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