Caring Tips for Small Dog Breeds 

Feed a high-quality small breed formula. Give smaller, frequent meals and monitor weight.

Feed a Nutritious Diet

Brush frequently to prevent matts and tangles. Trim nails often. Clean ears and teeth weekly.

Groom Regularly

Short walks, indoor play and interacting provide important physical and mental stimulation.

Prioritize Exercise

Choose a harness over a collar to prevent trachea damage from pulling during walks.

Use a Harness  

Small breeds are prone to dental problems, hypoglycemia, collapsing trachea and more. Schedule vet visits.

Monitor Health Issues

Take precautions around larger pets, stairs, furniture and more that pose falling/injury risks.

Ensure Safety

Use positive reinforcement. Prevent small dog syndrome. Socialize them young and maintain training.

Train Consistently 

Top Tips for Training Small Dogs