BMW Unveils Neue Klasse EV

The Neue Klasse features a sleek, minimalist design language that will define BMW's next generation of electric vehicles.

Sleek New Design

The concept prioritizes sustainability through use of recycled materials and clean production methods. 

Focused on Sustainability

New EV architecture and advanced technology aim to deliver engaging driving dynamics and up to 700 km of range.

Cutting-Edge EV Tech

The interior offers a driver-focused cockpit and a lounge-like rear with sustainable, high-quality materials.

Interior of the Future

As a concept, the Neue Klasse provides a blueprint for BMW's Neue Klasse production models arriving in 2025.

Blueprint for Production EVs

The Neue Klasse concept encapsulates BMW's vision for the future of electric mobility.

Vision for Electric Future

BMW is leading automakers in sustainable materials and production methods with the Neue Klasse.

New Era in Sustainability

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