BMW Teases Redesigned X2 SUV With Massive New Grille

The new X2 gets a very prominent front fascia with the huge vertical kidney grille as the main focus.

Distinctive Face 

The kidney grille has LED lighting around its outline for a high-tech, eye-catching look.

Illuminated Outline

The front and rear bumpers appear more aggressive and sporty than the current model.

Restyled Bumpers

The overall shape and profile remain familiar, with just the front and rear ends significantly updated.

Profile Unchanged  

The next-gen X2 is expected to debut sometime in 2023 as a 2024 model.

Coming 2023

Expect more power from the turbocharged engine options and improved driving dynamics.

Performance Upgrades

The hugely enlarged grille gives the redesigned BMW X2 a radically different, head-turning style.

Bold New Look

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