Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed Profile

Developed in USSR as military/working dog. Also used as guard dogs. Rare outside Russia.

Breed History

Large, powerful dog with long legs, dense black wiry coat, and triangular ears.


Confident, courageous, loyal. Devoted to family. Wary of strangers. Needs extensive training.

Personality Traits

Moderate energy. Needs 45+ minutes exercise daily plus mental stimulation. Responds best to firm, consistent training.

Exercise & Training

Requires regular brushing and professional trimming. Sheds little. Bathe only when needed.

Grooming Tips

Prone to hip dysplasia, eye problems, bloat. Lifespan 10-14 years.

Health Concerns

Adapt well to any home but need space. Prefers cool climates. Need early socialization.

Living Needs  

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