Black and White Cat Breeds

Black bodies with white paws, bellies, and chins. Playful and social. Named for their "tuxedo" look.


Black heads and mostly white bodies. Resemble cow markings. Affectionate and energetic.

Cow Cat

Black and white spots. Look like magpies. Active and mischievous. Love climbing.


Black "cap" on head and "saddle" on back. Remainder is white. Entertaining and chatty.

Cap and Saddle

White bodies with color restricted to head and tail. Love water and swimming.

Van Cat  

Narrow vertical black stripes on white. Bold, confident personalities. Tend to be vocal.

Mackerel Tabby

Inspired by cartoon cat Felix. Black bodies, white paws, chest, belly. Friendly and playful.


Most Affectionate Cat Breeds