Biggest Dog Breeds That Tip The Scales

Weighing up to 230 pounds, the English Mastiff is the heaviest dog breed.

English Mastiff

Towering up to 32 inches tall, Great Danes are the tallest dogs and can weigh over 100 pounds.

Great Dane

Saint Bernards can reach 180 pounds or more. Their large size made them famous alpine rescue dogs. 

Saint Bernard

Massive and muscular, Neapolitan Mastiffs average 150 pounds but can weigh over 200.

Neapolitan Mastiff 

Sweet-tempered Newfoundlands tip the scales at up to 150 pounds on their heavy frames.


This giant breed stands up to 32 inches tall and can weigh 170 pounds.


Irish Wolfhounds are among tallest breeds, with heights up to 35 inches at the shoulder.

Irish Wolfhound

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