Biggest CC Motorcycles Available Today

The Boss Hoss Titan throws down a monstrous 445 cu in v8 making over 500 hp, launching this 1700 lb cruiser to over 150 mph. 

Boss Hoss 

Moto Guzzi's air-cooled transverse v-twin displaces over 850cc in the v9 lineup, like the vintage-styled v9 bobber and roadster models. 

Moto Guzzi V9

BMW's monster 1,802cc air/oil-cooled boxer twin powers the huge  R 18 cruiser models, putting out a stump-pulling 91 lb-ft of torque.


Indian's thunder stroke 111 v-twin displaces a massive 1,811cc in models like the roadmaster and challenger cruisers, churning out 126 lb-ft torque.

Indian Thunderstroke

The honda goldwing touring cruiser features a 1,833cc flat-6 motor, delivering power through a 6-speed manual or 7-speed dct automatic transmission.

Honda Goldwing

Harley-davidson's cvo limited model packs a giant 1,923cc milwaukee-eight v-twin mated to a 6-speed cruise drive transmission for laid-back long hauling.

Harley CVOTM

Yamaha's v-max hyperbike lines up a 1,679cc v4 powerplant producing over 200hp, with brutal acceleration 

Yamaha V-Max

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