Big Gentle Domestic Cats To Love and Cuddle

With their lush, shaggy coats and dog-like nature, Maine Coons are gentle giants perfect for snuggling.

Maine Coons

Affectionate and relaxed, Ragdolls go limp in your arms. Their fluffy fur invites petting.


Siberians have a dog-like personality in a large, low-shedding package. They love being with their people.


Savannahs are active, intelligent cats that bond closely and love to play. Their tall build gives more to love.


Turkish Vans have a unique color pattern and enjoy swimming! Their soft semi-long fur entices touch.

Turkish Vans

Friendly, laid-back Norwegian Forest Cats have water-resistant double coats perfect for cold weather cuddling.

Norwegian Forest Cats

Like cuddly teddy bears, Ragamuffins go limp in your arms for ultimate snuggles. Their coat is rabbit-like.


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