Big Fluffy Cats Made for Cuddling 

With their shaggy fur and loving personality, Maine Coon cats are the ultimate fluffy cuddle buddy.

Maine Coons

Adaptable Norwegian Forest Cats have a thick, water-resistant double coat perfect for winter snuggles.

Norwegian Forest Cats

Known for their luscious triple coat, Siberians love being petted, hugged, and sitting on laps.


Persians have a wonderfully plush, long coat that makes them the epitome of a fluffy feline.


Sweet, relaxed Ragdolls have a medium-long silky coat and enjoy being carried around.


Curly-coated Selkirk Rex cats are very affectionate and their plush fur feels like lambswool.

Selkirk Rex

Fluffy Himalayans, cousins of the Persian, proudly display their long fur and sweet expression.


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