Best White Cat Breeds for the Perfect Pet 

This ancient breed has a white semi-long coat with color restricted to the tail and head. They love swimming.

Turkish Van

Known for their calm, easygoing nature, British Shorthairs have dense, plush white fur.

British Shorthai

Affectionate Ragdolls with their brilliant blue eyes and white coat make great lap cats.


Persians have long, flowing white fur that requires daily grooming. They have sweet personalities.


Lean and active Cornish Rex have a short, white plush coat. They thrive on human interaction.

Cornish Rex

Elegant, outgoing Orientals have a short, satiny white coat. They're highly intelligent and social.

Oriental Shorthair  

Devons are known for their sociable personalities and curly short white coats reminiscent of lamb's wool.

Devon Rex 

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