Best Puppy Sleeping Arrangements

Crate training is a top method for teaching your puppy good sleep habits. Create a comfortable space with a cozy bed.

Crate Training

Selecting the best bed for your puppy is crucial. Explore different options like orthopedic beds, soft blankets, or donut-style beds.

Right Bed

Find the ideal spot for your puppy's bed. Ensure it's quiet and away from drafts. A calm environment promotes better sleep.

Bed Placement

A bedtime routine to signal sleep time. Consistency helps your puppy understand when it's time to rest.

Nighttime Routine

Avoid midnight accidents by scheduling regular nighttime potty breaks. Gradually extend the time between breaks.

Potty Breaks

Consider providing comfort toys, like a soft plushie or a chew toy. These can soothe your puppy during bedtime.

Comfort Toys

Limit playtime and excitement before bedtime. Calm activities help your puppy wind down for a restful sleep.

Avoiding Overstimulation

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