Best Medium-Sized Dog Breeds

America's most popular dog, Labrador Retrievers are friendly, energetic, and eager to please. 

Labrador Retriever

Intelligent, loving, and gentle, the ever-popular Golden Retriever is a highly trainable medium-sized breed perfect for active families.

Golden Retriever 

With their intelligence and athleticism, Standard Poodles make excellent companions and obedience dogs. 

Standard Poodle

Charming and cheerful Beagles are medium-sized hounds who love to play. Their affectionate nature makes them wonderful family dogs.


Despite their small-ish stature, Bulldogs are steady and protective companions with a gentle, goofy nature that endears them to all.


Energetic and lovable Boxer dogs are upbeat athletes who thrive on being with their family. Their medium build suits an active home.


Fiercely loyal Akitas form unbreakable bonds with their owners. They are bold guardians with imposing voices and presence.


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