Best Foods for Your Dog During Holidays

Share plain, boneless turkey with your dog as a festive treat. Avoid seasonings, bones, and skin. Turkey is a holiday favorite for your pup.

Turkey Treats

Offer cooked, plain sweet potatoes to your dog. They're nutritious and a holiday favorite. Skip marshmallows and spices.

Sweet Potato Delights

Green beans make a healthy holiday snack. Serve plain, steamed green beans to your dog. Avoid butter or seasoning.

Green Bean Bliss

Fresh cranberries are safe for dogs in moderation. Skip sugary cranberry sauce and serve a few plain berries as a festive addition.

Cranberry Can-Do

Plain, canned pumpkin (no spices) can be a hit with your dog. It's tasty and may aid digestion. Skip the pie filling.

Pumpkin Pleasure

Chocolate is toxic to dogs. Keep all chocolate treats and desserts out of your pet's reach during the holidays.

Avoid Chocolate

Onions and garlic are harmful to dogs. Ensure holiday dishes don't contain these ingredients, as they can lead to health issues.

No Onions or Garlic

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