Best Electric Dog Fences in 2023

Wireless electric dog fences are quick and easy to set up without burying wire underground. They offer flexibility for renters.

Wireless Electric Fence 

Underground electric dog fences involve burying wire but provide a wider containment area and neat appearance.

Underground Electric Fence

Waterproof electric dog fences can be installed in or around ponds or pools to keep your pup safely away from the water's edge.

Waterproof Electric Fence

Rechargeable electric dog fences run for weeks per charge for maximum convenience without complicated wiring.

Rechargeable Electric Fence

Compact electric dog fences tailored for small yards make containing your pup in a petite space quick and easy.

Small Yard Electric Fence 

Robust electric dog fences designed for large, multi-acre properties keep your pet safely confined even on big plots of land.

Large Yard Electric Fence

DIY electric dog fences allow you to customize and self-install a fence on your property to your exact specifications.

DIY Electric Fence

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