Best Dog Perfumes and Colognes for Fresh Scent

Light, clean scented cologne spray formulated just for dogs. Long lasting.

Cologne Spray for Dogs

Convenient roll-on dog perfume makes it easy to apply after baths and between washes.  

Dog Perfume in Roll

This vet-recommended spray eliminates odors and gives dogs a pleasant scent.

Dog Odor Eliminator Spray

A fruity, tropical scented perfume spray for a fresh island breeze scent.

Tropical Scented Dog 

Handy deodorizing wipes neutralize odors between baths and cleanups.

Dog Deodorizing Wipes

A calming lavender scented perfume that helps anxious or stressed dogs.

Lavender Dog Perfume

Natural apple cider vinegar spray helps neutralize odors for a fresh scent.

Vinegar Dog Spray

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