Best Dog Breeds for Obedience Training

Eager to please and highly focused, German Shepherds are top obedience pupils. Their intelligence makes training rewarding.

German Shepherd

Biddable and bright Goldens aim to please, making them obedience superstars. Positive training brings out their best.

Golden Retriever

Standard Poodles are alert, responsive and highly trainable. Their intelligence shines through in obedience work.


Driven Border Collies excel at obedience trials and love learning new commands. They pick up cues quickly.

Border Collie 

Friendly, focused Labs thrive on obedience training. Their aim to please makes teaching commands easy.

Labrador Retriever

Athletic Dobermans are dedicated obedience students. Their sharp minds allow them to readily master complex skills.

Doberman Pinscher

The Belgian Malinois is an enthusiastic obedience trainee. This quick study excels at executing commands precisely. 

Belgian Malinois

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