Best Dog Breeds for Hot Climates

The Rhodesian Ridgeback's short coat and history in Africa makes it very heat tolerant and comfortable in hot climates.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

This svelte sighthound from the African desert is well-equipped to handle extremely hot, dry weather conditions.


With origins in ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh Hound excels in high temperatures and is built for hot environments.  

Pharaoh Hound

The Thai Ridgeback is an energetic breed that stays comfortable in tropical climates and sizzling heat.

Thai Ridgeback

Originating from central Africa, the Basenji adapts well to warmth and handles hot weather with ease.


The sleek Saluki is able to thrive in hot, dry Middle Eastern climates thanks to its desert heritage.


The Carolina Dog's jackal ancestry equips it with a short coat ideal for keeping cool in southern heat.

Carolina Dog

Original African Dog Breeds