Best Dog Breeds For Home Security

Intelligent, loyal and brave, German Shepherds are natural guard dogs who bond closely with their family.

German Shepherd

Dobermans are incredibly athletic, powerful, and fearless. They are deeply loyal and their sheer size coupled with their deep bar


Rottweilers are big, strong dogs with an intimidating appearance. They are very protective by nature and their guarding instincts make them vigilant watch dogs.


Poodles are highly intelligent and obedient. Though not as intimidating physically, their loud barking will alert homeowners

Standard Poodle

Boxers are energetic, fearless and very protective. They love their families and are naturally inclined to guard their home


Smaller in size but not lacking for courage, Miniature Schnauzers are spunky, alert watch dogs who loudly announce visitors 

Miniature Schnauzer  

Though gentle and friendly with family, Bulldogs are steadfast guard dogs who will fearlessly confront intruders 


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