Best Dog Breeds for Farms

Australian Shepherds are tireless herding dogs ready to work cattle, sheep, or other livestock on the farm. 

Australian Shepherd

Border Collies are energetic, highly driven herding dogs that thrive keeping flocks in line on farms.

Border Collie

Bernese Mountain Dogs are sturdy, hardworking farm dogs ready to pull carts, watch livestock, or be loyal companions. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Great Pyrenees uses its size and strength to guard and protect sheep, goats, and other farm animals.

Great Pyrenees

Collies have the energy and herding instinct needed to corral flocks and work long days on farms.


German Shepherds are versatile enough for farm work like herding while also serving as protectors and guardians.

German Shepherd

This Louisiana breed excels at herding cattle, hogs, and other livestock on rural farms and ranches.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Dog Breeds That Love to Play