Best Cats With Big Ears

Scottish Folds are known for their folded-forward ears that give them an owl-like expression and endless charm.

Scottish Fold

American Curls have ears that curl back for a unique, alert look. They make interactive, playful companion cats.

American Curl

Orientals have strikingly large, wide-set ears that contribute to their elegant, refined appearance.

Oriental Shorthair  

Devons have oversized, wing-like ears on their wedge-shaped heads. Their ears are soft, fragile, and set low.

Devon Rex

Cornish Rex ears are extra large and cupped, accentuating their curly coat and mischievous personality.

Cornish Rex

Bald sphynx cats have ears that dominate their features and resemble bat wings, adding to their otherworldly vibe.


Wild cats like lynxes, caracals, and servals also boast prominent ears. These aid their sharp hunting skills.

Wild Cat Species 

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