Best Cat Flea Treatment 

Spot-on treatments like Frontline and Advantage provide 30 days of fast-acting, convenient flea protection with minimal odor or mess.

Topical Spot-Ons

Chewables like Capstar and Nexgard give rapid flea-killing action with the ease of oral administration to kill live fleas fast.

Oral Medications

Collars infused with insecticides provide continuous full body flea protection for cats for several months at a time.

Flea Collars

Sprays like Adams Plus Flea & Tick quickly kill adult fleas and provide residual protection from re-infestation for up to one month. 

Flea Sprays

Gentle flea shampoos kill and wash away adult fleas while bathing your cat for immediate but short-term relief

Flea Shampoos 

Fine-toothed flea combs allow you to effectively remove adult fleas and eggs while grooming and bonding with your cat.

Flea Combs 

Waterproof flea powders like Hartz provide quick knockdown of fleas for several months by suffocating larvae and eggs. 

Flea Powders

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