Best Cat Breeds for People with Allergies

Balinese produce less Fel D1 protein than other cat breeds. Their long fur also traps more dander.


Oriental Shorthairs shed less than regular shorthairs. Weekly brushing removes dander.  

Oriental Shorthair

Siamese have less undercoat so they tend to shed less. Their saliva contains less Fel D1 protein.


Russian Blues produce a low amount of Fel D1 protein. Their short, dense coat also minimizes shedding.

Russian Blue

While hairless, Sphynx cats still produce dander. Baths reduce the amount in the environment.


The Cornish Rex has a short, fine coat that requires little grooming or shedding.

Cornish Rex

Devons Rexs' curly coats trap dander against their skin reducing airborne allergens.

Devon Rex

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