Bengal Cat Breed and Its Features

Bengals are medium to large cats, with males weighing 10-25 lbs and females 6-15 lbs when fully grown.


Bengals have vivid spots, rosettes, marbling or swirls. Markings can be brown, snow, silver, or blue.


Intelligent, energetic and inquisitive, Bengals thrive when engaged in play and activities with their families.


Bengals need active owners who can provide stimulation through interactive play, training, and outdoor access.


Like purebreds, Bengals may develop heart disease, digestive issues, or genetic conditions.


Bengals typically live 10-16 years with proper care, nutrition, vet visits, exercise, and mental stimulation.


Groom Bengals weekly, trim nails often, feed meat-rich cat food, and provide ample playtime.

Care Tips  

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