Beautiful White Cat Breeds With Charm

Elegant Turkish Angoras have long, silky white fur and a graceful build. They are very intelligent.

Turkish Angora

White Persians are the quintessential fluffy cats with their long, lush coats and sweet expression.


Sturdy, calm British Shorthairs have a dense plush white coat and make devoted companions.

British Shorthair

Hairless Sphynx cats come in white and are incredibly affectionate and lively.


Playful Cornish Rex have a curly short coat that can be white. They love being around people.

Cornish Rex

White Oriental Shorthairs have a striking appearance with their Siamese body style and snowy fur.

Oriental Shorthair  

American Curls are known for their unusual curled ears and come in a beautiful white shade.

American Curl

Big Fluffy Cats Made for Cuddling