Beautiful Red Tabby Cat Coat Pattern

Red tabbies have orange-red stripes over a paler coat. Signature "M" marks adorn their foreheads.  


Red tabby coats appear in many breeds like Maine Coons, Bengals, Munchkins, American Shorthairs, and more.


Like all tabbies, red tabbies tend to be energetic, playful, and more vocal than other coat patterns.


With proper care, red tabbies live 12-16 years on average. Some may live 20+ years.


Groom red tabbies weekly to control shedding and trim claws monthly. Feed high-quality cat food.

Care Tips

Orange tabbies have brighter, more yellow and prominent markings than the rusty red stripes of red tabbies. 

Orange vs. Red

Ember, Autumn, Rusty, Copper, and Scarlet are popular names that suit the red tabby's fiery coat.


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