Barrier Frustration in Dogs 

Separation anxiety, lack of exercise/stimulation, natural scavenging instinct, desire for attention


Whining, barking, chewing, digging, and escape attempts are common signs of barrier frustration in dogs.


Training impulse control, providing enrichment toys, exercising before confinement, and using calming aids can help minimize barrier frustration.


Teach cues like "leave it", "settle", and "go to your mat" to help your dog learn to control their impulses. 

Impulse Control 

Provide safe, challenging toys like food puzzles, chews, and toy-dispensing balls to occupy your dog when confined. 

Enrichment Toys 

Giving your dog adequate physical and mental exercise before confinement can help minimize barrier frustration behaviors. 

Exercise First 

Products like calming collars, calming treats, pheromone diffusers and medications can aide in reducing barrier frustration

Calming Aids

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