Australian Shepherds A Big Dog in a Medium Body

Developed in the western U.S. despite their name. Excelled at herding livestock in harsh conditions.  


Medium-sized, athletic build. Distinctive merle coats in black, red, blue or red merle. Naturally bobbed tails. 


Incredibly smart, energetic and eager to please. A loyal companion that needs constant stimulation.


Require 60+ minutes of vigorous daily exercise plus mental stimulation. Excellent agility, flyball competitors.

Exercise Needs 

Respond best to positive reinforcement and firm leadership. Early socialization is essential.

Training Tips

Moderate shedders requiring weekly brushing. Trim nails monthly. Check ears regularly.


Prone to eye defects, deafness and joint problems like hip dysplasia. Lifespan 12-15 years.

Health Issues

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