Audi's High-Performance Sports Cars

The R8 flagship supercar delivers exhilarating speed with its V10 engine and superior handling.

R8 Supercar

The iconic TT roadster provides an open-air sports car experience focused on driving dynamics.

TT Roadster 

RS models like the RS3 bring racetrack-inspired performance in a production sports car.

RS High-Performance 

quattro all-wheel drive increases grip and control for Audi sports cars like the S5 Sportback.

quattro AWD

Signature luxurious and tech-advanced Audi interiors complement these sports cars' performance.

Luxury Interiors

Audi's racing heritage influences the engineering of its sports car lineup.

Motorsports Heritage

S models receive performance upgrades like boosts in horsepower for sportier driving.

Tuned for Performance

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