America's Favorite Dog Breeds For Family Pets

Friendly, active, and eager to please - Labs make wonderful family companions and service dogs.

Labrador Retriever

Intelligent, protective, and loyal, German Shepherds are utilized as police, military, and disability assistance dogs.

German Shepherd  

Sweet, affectionate, and gentle - Golden Retrievers are ideal guide, therapy, and family dogs.

Golden Retriever

Playful, amusing "clown dogs" with compact builds and charming personalities make trendy urban pets. 

French Bulldog

Known for their wrinkled faces, mellow temperament and patience with kids - Bulldogs make ideal family pets.


Active, curious, and vocal Beagles with a keen sense of smell are popular as scent dogs.


Intelligent, obedient, and hypoallergenic - Poodles excel in obedience trials and serve as therapy dogs.


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