Amazing Cat Breeds That Love Playing in Water

Turkish Vans have a unique color pattern and truly enjoy swimming and playing in water.

Turkish Vans

Energetic and social, Bengal Cats often enjoy splashing in water. Their exotic look is striking.

Bengal Cats

Savannah Cats are adventurous and love water. A dip or shower is a fun game for them.

Savannah Cats  

Double-coated Norwegian Forest Cats are great swimmers thanks to their water-resistant fur.

Norwegian Forest Cats

Easygoing American Shorthairs happily join their owners in bath time fun and water play.

American Shorthairs

Some Maine Coons enjoy water, using theirthick coat for buoyancy when retrieving toys or food from water.

Maine Coons

Hairless Sphynx cats need baths regularly, so many learn to enjoy water out of necessity.

Sphynx Cats

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